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Our Magnetic Qi Wireless Charger is perfect for the car and can be used around the house if needed. Specifically for the iPhone X series (and above) or Samsung Galaxy S8 (and above), it charges your phone via induction – so there is no need to plug your device in.

Simply connect the charger to a 5 volt power source with the included USB cable, and mount in a convenient spot. The strong magnet ensures that your phone will clip snugly to the dock every time and start charging automagically without moving.

Solid build and modern design complements any car interior.

  • The W3 kit comes with a mounting clip (to attach the device to a car air vent). It has a power output of 5 watts for regular charging..
  • The W5 kit comes with both a flat surface mounting kit (incl. adhesive patches) and a mounting clip (if you prefer to attach the device to a car air vent). It has a power output of 10 watts for faster charging.

There is also a thin metal ring included for phones with thick cases, which you can simply pop into the case behind the phone. Many with thin or slim phone cases should not need to use the metal ring at all.

NOTE: To use this device, you will need a phone with induction charging capability. Refer to your user manual if you are unsure whether your specific phone model supports induction charging or not.

Power rating: 5V/1A-2A (via included USB cable)
Compatible Brands: Samsung, Apple (or any phone with induction charging built in)

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Magnetic Qi Wireless Charger

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