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This Portable Bubble Pet Backpack is perfect if you want to take your little furry friends on an adventure! The transparent cover not only makes your pet look like an astronaut discovering new land, but it also lets them take in all the scenery around them. The backpack comes with holes to let your pet breathe, a blanket and ample space for them to be comfortable.

With this Backpack, you'll be able to take your pet wherever you go in the most comfortable fashion. It comes equipped with a full size bubble-like window giving your pets an exciting view of the outdoors, paired with adjustable straps and handles, making the whole experience very worthwhile for you and your pet.

Provides Outdoor Interaction

This adorable backpack makes use of a "solution-centric" design allowing your pets to observe and enjoy the wonders of outdoor scenery. It has a fully transparent bubble shell giving them a visually immersive experience. Show your pets the wonders of the outside world!

100% Pet Friendly

This Pet Backpack comes with a built-in interior leash along with ventilation mesh panels on both sides that provide maximum accessibility, breathability, and comfort that your pets need as you take them with you outdoors.

Stylish Design

Turn heads and feel great as you take them with you outdoors. It has a cute capsule design that will surely draw a smile on anyone you cross paths with!

Comfort and Security Guaranteed

It packs a pair of adjustable shoulder straps, an inner leash, and a soft cushioned base providing you and your pets the comfort and security you both deserve. Stay comfortable – even in prolonged use.

  • Transparent Space Capsule Design allows your pet to ease anxiety and to look around outside
  • Large ventilation holes and breathable mesh keep your pet happy
  • Built-in locking Belt prevents your pet from breaking out of the securely enclosed space
  • Sturdy and waterproof Material high-density acrylic material
  • Side pocket Allows you to interact with a pet without letting them out
  • A washable soft velvet pad allows your pet stays comfortable
  • Adjustable shoulder straps help relieve the pressure to your back and make the carrier a breeze to wear for long periods

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Portable Bubble Pet Backpack

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